Doctor Cain makes his home in Hawaii, on the big Island. Dr. Cain is a professor at the Chropraktik-campus located in Hamburg Germany. It's the only chiropractic University in Germany. The Kiso Method has been developed over a 30 year period and well over 120,000 treatments in the making. The Kiso Method is for chiropractors and osteopaths or Healing practitioners(HP) in Germany. There is another set of manuals made specifically for non chiropractors...acupuncturists and massage therapists for example. All the concepts in the Kiso Method help explain natural phenomenon that occur in a clinical setting. So the Chiropractor knows what is going on and can explain to the patient what is happening and the tools to make your patient better. Concepts like the Cainzian factor, the secondary and primary soft spot....spill over, just to name a few. Find out more about the Kiso Method through our DVD's and our manuals! We are now located in Hilo Hawaii at 64 Keawe Street, sute 207. Our number is 808-961-6887.


Featured cases:

She came in after seeing many MD’s and having already had 4 MRI’s in order to try and determine her problem.  The conclusion after having seen so many doctors….they could not find anything wrong with her.  She was left doubting herself.  But her symptoms were powerful and debilitating.

Her symptoms:
Pain around her right ear
Swelling around her sub occipital area on her right side
Severe dizziness
Light headed
Pain radiating up from the sub occipital area on her right side
_to the top of the skull, accompanied by burning and crawling sensations
Panic attacks
Unexplained anxiety
Heart palpitations

Problem addressed by Dr. Cain:
Cranial mis-alignment on the right side
Atlas/C2 mis-alsignment on the left side
Cranial-sacral, second pump pressure causing a sympathetic over-ride

After two treatments, each treatment only 10 minutes:
“I feel so different, it’s amazing!  Almost all my symptoms went away several hours after the first treatment.  I feel normal again, I feel so calm and I don’t feel that anxiety anymore.  It’s so wonderful, it’s hard to believe! The pain in the back of my neck and the pain in my skull are gone after only two treatments, it feels like I have my life back!”

Case Study

She exhibited a strong mis-alignment in her cranio-sacral region.  So I asked her…”Do you have any symptoms like shortness of breath, anxiety for no apparent reason?”  She looked at me and said, “ Oh my god yes!”  She started to explain her reasons for coming in.  It was for neck pain, pain in the back of the head, migraines, upper back pain and low back pain with sciatica.  She did not expect to be able to help her constant panic attacks that were ruining her life.  She reported to me that she had panic attacks almost everyday.  They were difficult to handle because she was in meetings throughout the day and could not let others know that she was having these attacks while in the meetings.

Disc pressure at L5/S1 nerve level, used non force Kiso Bench.
T1/T3 rib and spine mis-alignment, used force supine adjustment.
Cranio-sacral mis-alsinment, used force and non force cranial manipulation
Adjusted the atlas vertebra, C2 and C3 in one supine force move.

I advised her that she may feel tired and calm tonight after the adjustment.  She may feel like she wants to sleep or lie down and rest.


After one treatment she came in to the clinic for her second treatment.  As she walked into my room I asked her, “ how did you feel”.  She looked astonished and said: “ I feel like a different person, I felt exactly as you told me I might feel.  When I got home, I went into my living room and sat down, I felt different.  I was amazed, I actually felt calm and relaxed.  It continued all night.  I slept great.  The next day I did have a panic attack as usual.  I felt it coming on and then I began to notice it was different, it was very light.  I have never had a panic attack like this since they began several years ago.  They are always strong and scary.  I realized then that they are going away.  I don’t feel scared of them now!  Also my low back pain is almost entirely done.  My upper back feels so much better and my neck pain has vanished!