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Doctor Cain makes his home in Hawaii, on the big Island. Dr. Cain is a professor at the Chropraktik-campus located in Hamburg Germany. It's the only chiropractic University in Germany. The Kiso Method has been developed over a 30 year period and well over 120,000 treatments in the making. The Kiso Method is for chiropractors and osteopaths or Healing practitioners(HP) in Germany. There is another set of manuals made specifically for non chiropractors...acupuncturists and massage therapists for example. All the concepts in the Kiso Method help explain natural phenomenon that occur in a clinical setting. So the Chiropractor knows what is going on and can explain to the patient what is happening and the tools to make your patient better. Concepts like the Cainzian factor, the secondary and primary soft spot....spill over, just to name a few. Find out more about the Kiso Method through our DVD's and our manuals! We are now located in Hilo Hawaii at 64 Keawe Street, sute 207. Our number is 808-961-6887.

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If you understand and follow this book, I believe you can begin to heal and keep your back in great shape. This book is written due to my own struggle with back pain. It took many years to pick through the mire to find out not only the causes of most back pain but also the steps towards its cure. This book is not written to replace your chiropractor or treatments from you favorite health care practitioner, It is written to allow you to do your part in maintaining your own back.
Once your back is in shape you should still see your chiropractor. Life is adjusting us whether we know it or not. If you have a re-injury you may have to see your chiropractor a bit more than you want, but as soon as you can, you can start to stabilize your back at home and hold your alignments so that you will feel better between chiropractic visits.
There are many related factors involved with this process of getting your back to feel better: your lifestyle, stress level, exercise program, and diet, just to name a few. Understanding these ten chapters, essentially, are steps to a better life without back pain. Did you know the the mechanism of injury causing back pain is forward flexion? Did you know that when you have low back pain the worst thing you can do is stretch forward? Yes, this is true, if you want to find out more…read this book!


This book also features the Kiso Ball. A simple incredible fix for your back pain from the upper back to the lower back. We also have in the pages of this book our Para-stim. A wooden device that relieves chronic neck pain due to spasm of the neck muscles, to radiating arm pain and tingling to anxiety. Want to know more? Read our book!secrets book cover

This book starts out with how and why your back may hurt.  What really causes back pain?  What can you do to make your back pain feel better?  We start out with anatomy then move towards ergonomics, exercise, stretching and how important relaxation is when it comes to back pain.  How is stretching one of the most powerful healers for your body and how it can be a detriment to our back pain going away when you’re not ready for stretching yet.  All the exercises are graded depending on your back pain level.  The stretching regime is also grading depending on your back pain level.  What to do for minor to moderate back pain…try our Kiso Ball or our para-stim.  They are literally awesome for continued healing and a big part of our permanent change program~

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