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 Video of our last seminar April 30, 2016

Event happenings…

I had my Kiso Method Seminar April 30, 2016.   I was a great success and a great group of Chiropractors. Here are some photos too.



The seminar was with the Chiropraktik-Campus at Institute of Thomas Grossmann in Hamburg Germany.

I gave a seminar to the Master’s degree students at the Chiropraktik-Campus last June 2015.  It was quite awesome.  It was very exciting and there were many chiropractors from Germany.  Here are some highlights from that seminar!

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Seminar picture from at the completion of the seminar June 2015, at the Chiropraktik-Campus!

I gave a seminar in Goettingen Germany, September 12-14, 2014.  It was put on by our Kiso teachers in Europe…  Kai Haselmeyer H.P. and Stephenie Haselmeyer M.D.  Kai translated the event.  There were 22 chiropractors and osteopaths at the event.  They were so attentive and friendly, I really enjoyed all of them!


  • Our brand new training DVDs by Larry Grodin, videographer are coming Dec. 1, 2017.

Eat for Sex Diet Tinctures….New tinctures are here…available on sale now at Island naturals in Hilo Hawaii.  Soon to be on our website.  There are 3 strengths for men and one tincture for women.


Kalani Resort Yoga Teacher Training with Liz Heffernan

Kalani Resort Yoga Teacher Training with Liz Heffernan, I’m teach anatomy and physiology

June’s wonderful fitness adventure camp with Gilad was, for the fifth time, great!  Below are some pics of me adjusting Gilad and Michele his manager for many years.
Fitness adventure camp with giladCIMG22211

April 2016.  6 Day Kiso Method Advanced technique Adventure, one day of rest for a one week healing retreat program.  Given at Kalani Resort, Kalapana Hawaii. Kiso Method Seminar in Hawaii! Kiso Practitioner certification Seminar. We will have German Translation at the event!




kalani poolkalani bamboo

Firm Dates and prices to be posted soon!

We are planning one week extravaganza next year in the most beautiful place in Hawaii.(6 days of Kiso training) at Kalani Resort. Kalani is an educational retreat center in Hawai‘i Island’s colorful Puna District, and a premiere destination for over 40 years. Kalani hosts individual retreats, group workshops, sabbatical, and community life experiences in on-site accommodations that range from off-grid campsites to eco-cottages constructed from sustainably harvested wood and bamboo. It’s all in a jungle setting with the most beautiful coastline you’ve ever seen.  Couple this with amazing events every night from Yoga programs to getting your own wonderful massage or to just relaxing by the pool.  It also has an organic restaurant that prepares amazing food. It will be fascinating and eye opening for all.  The Kiso Method is a mixture of western and eastern.  It’s practical and esoteric all at the same time.  The cranio-sacral portion will also be addressed.  The manuals are very well done.  Almost all questions that come from those participating in seminars, are answered in the manuals.  The manuals stress the non force part of the Kiso Method.  You can quickly and easily take away nerve pain by very specifically oscillating in a particular area of the spine.  Dr. Cain spent many years studying Asian bodywork therapies and holds four black belts in the martial arts, from Japan, Vietnam and China.  He has studied Oriental Medicine as well as cranio-sacral, energy work and chiropractic. The Kiso Method is a wonderful blend of healing techniques never before discovered.  Dr. Cain is a revolutionary individual doing what works and discarding things that don’t work.  Come to this upcoming event…it will be awesome! Kamaina price available!


Atlas adjustment, non force


Kiso Practitioner Certification

You can become certified as a Kiso Method Practitioner, apprentice, by buying the Kiso Method Manuals 1 & 2, buying our self help book, Secrets of Healing Back Pain and buying our double DVD set.

To be certified as a Kiso Method Practitioner, Master Level, for chiropractors, you must take One seminar for manual 1 and one seminar for manual 2. For non chiropractors, massage therapists, cranio-sacral therapists, physical therapists and acupuncturists, you must take 3 seminars with Dr. Cain focusing on each manual.

kiso manuals