Hilo Chiropractor comes home! Dr. Craig Zion Cain

I’ve been away teaching chiropractic in Germany.  I’m a professor at the Chiropraktik-campus.de in Hamburg Germany.  I’m been here on my 14 month and It’s time to go home.  I really look forward to moving back to Hilo Hawaii!  My practice at 103 Kalakaua Street is waiting for me.  I look forward to seeing all my old patients!  Dr. Frederick Kennedy has been taking care of my patients for the past year.  I thank him very much for doing an excellent job.  I will be practicing July 1, 2016 coming up soon.  Can’t wait to see the island again not to mention all my friends and family!  Aloha!

Kiso Method

Kiso Method is a Chiropractic technique

Kiso method is now only for Chiropractors, or those who are licensed and able to do Chiropractic Treatments in America and Europe, which are: Chiropractors, Doctor of physical therapy, Osteopaths, and H.Ps in Germany.  If you are a student, in a registered school of Chiropractic you can also attend.  My next event given by the Chiropractic university in Hamburg Germany (chiropraktik-campus.de) is Kiso 1, April 30 and May 31 and Kiso 2 June 11 and 12 2016.  Come and join us!!  The Kiso Method took 25 years to formulate for me, seeing phenomenon every day in a clinical setting, well over 100,00 treatments, seeing what worked and what did not work.  I’ve noticed a trend in chiropractic no talking about subluxation or pain.  Am I just a pain Doctor?  No I’m not, I’m a wellness care physician.  But the person coming into your clinic most of the time comes in with some kind of pain.  LISTEN to their symptoms!  If you’re not listening to their complaints, you’re not treating the whole person.  Patients know when you’re not treating them for what they came in for and it’s frustrating for them.  If they are having sciatic pain to where they cannot walk and you are treating their cervical region only, in my opinion, they will not become better in their area of complaint.  Of course, if they are having sciatica, an atlas adjustment may help but not take care of the entire problem. In the Kiso Method there is something called latent sciatica or active sciatica.  In active sciatica, the patient may have a hard time walking, walking in a bent forward position.  If your patient has latent sciatica, he or she may just have some low back pain or no low back pain but as your feel the musculature in the buttocks and behind the leg to the calf muscle, they will exhibit muscular spasm following a nerve root from the sciatic nerve.  If you ask them if they noticed this “spasm” going on they may say something like…. “well I’ve been getting muscle cramps at night”.  Or “I’ve noticed that I feel a pulling in my right leg during exercise.”  Sciatica can be followed up to the spine.  If it’s an L5 nerve root, using the Kiso bench and having the person on their knees and letting their stomach bow down, allows the chiropractor to gently push with Kiso oscillations to align the vertebra taking pressure off of this segment and restoring function.  Of course there injury perhaps, did not come only from the L5/S1 disc, it may have manifested over time because of an improper alignment of the hips.  I take everything into consideration and often treat the upper neck and leg length problems. The Kiso Bench technique, part of the Kiso Method is so easy on the patient and on you the doctor and it’s the only technique you need to “adjust” the lower back. What is this latent sciatica we just described?  It’s caused by a decrease nerve flow emenating from the nerve root caused by the subluxation complex.  This decrease nerve flow is what’s called a NAM in the Kiso Method.  Neuro associated muscle spasm is the manifestation of the spasm in the various muscles.  The phenomenon is called the Cainzian factor in the Kiso Method. We use to say that these patients exhibited perhaps a trigger point but trigger points are not associated with a nerve imbalance but the Cainzian factor is.  Once you see this on your patient, you will keep seeing it every day and you will know what to do.  Don’t be afraid of the word PAIN when you are dealing with your patient, this PAIN is often what drives them into your clinic.  Not listening to them is not treating them as a whole person.  Yes, the Kiso Method teaches you to find areas in the body that need treatment, but it’s essential.  Of course, look at other factors which may have CAUSED the problem originally, but also you must treat the area that’s causing them so much discomfort. If you say, “Well I’m not a pain doctor”, then what are you adjusting?  If you would like to find out more about the Kiso Method, please look at our website….Kisomethod.comKiso Method

Kiso Method now part of the Master’s of chiropractic programs in both Austria and Germany!

The Kiso Method has been adopted into the Master’s of chiropractic degree programs in both Austria and Germany. I will be giving seminars in Germany this year…2015 and have a seminar scheduled in Austria June 10, 11 and 12, 2015.  I am very happy and humbled to have my Kiso Method part of the educational system in these two countries.  The European chiropractors are serious about healing and finding what works and what does not work.  The Kiso Method is practical in the sense that it has ANSWERS for the phenomenon seen in all types of chiropractic cases. It has answers and solutions in the healing of all types of musculoskeletal injuries and ailments.  So many patients with dis-ease are wrongly diagnosed by all types of doctors around the world.  I tell my patients that finding a good chiropractor can literally change ones life…..really.  Many problems that don’t even seem related to chiropractic can be “fixed” by chiropractic adjustments. Increasing nerve conduction throughout the body can cure the underlying problems related to many…many ailments.

In the Kiso Method, nerves are not looked at like electric signals…they are looked at as “hydraulic” in nature.  Nerve flow is hydrolic and in a clinical setting, much better looked at and understood in this way.  Increasing the “axonal” nerve flow throughout the body helps the body help itself.  Seemingly unrelated problems quickly clear up.  This is why Kiso care or chiropractic care in general is not used just the “fix” pain, it’s used for wellness care.  To make the individual function at a higher level.  Should a person just come in to have a specific problem fixed and then not be seen again until another problem arrises?  Sure you can do this but you’re missing the message!  Come in on a consistent basis for wellness care…so you can feel better in all aspects of your life instead of just getting rid of an achy shoulder!!  Learn more about the Kiso Method…start reading the manuals today!

Transformational Yoga

dharma_logoONLY_WebDharma Candy is offering Yoga in downtown Hilo.  If you are a resident of Hilo, you may have noticed that downtown is becoming a meca for yoga and healthy living. There are many vegetarian and “cool” up and coming places moving into the area, especially around Keawe st. and Waianuenue Ave.  Dharma Candy is located at 60 Waianuenue Ave. The yoga we offer is centered more around the spiritual aspect of yoga, rather than the fitness. Each Yoga class offers a slower paced, more mindful vinyasa type of yoga.  It’s geared for all people and even suited for people recovering from injury.  At the end of each class, we have a longer shivasana and meditation. It’s also a Dharma Center so we offer many other classes and events for your spiritual quest.  We offer Satsangs and Kunlun classes as well as a soon to come Dharma Class for meditation. Check us out at: dharmacandyyoga.com

dharma candy studio

Hilo Yoga Center…

There is a wonderful new Yoga Center in Hilo Hawaii.  It’s name reflects it’s purpose.  It’s called Dharma Candy Yoga.  Various contemporary Gurus from India have said that many people get curious about yoga and the path of dharma by being drawn to the trinkets they see.  Bracelets, buddha statues etc., and doing yoga.  So the owner, Eika Ikehara and business partner Dr. Craig Zion Cain wanted to name it thusly.  Leslie Sears created this beautiful logo for the studio.  Not only is Dharma Candy a yoga  dharma_logo

It’s also a store.  They sell products that are related to the path of dharma and health.  Dharma Candy offers yoga on a more spiritual level.  Each yoga class ends with meditation.  Also we have many types of classes at Dharma Candy.  There are satsangs, meditation classes, Kunlun Nei Gung and much more.  Take a look at their website: dharmacandyyoga.com or find them on face book!

Kiso Method European Teachers…

I’m so proud to announce our Kiso Method Teachers located in Germany.  Dr. Kai Haselmeyer H.P. and Dr. Stephanie Haselmeyer M.D. are fluent in English and German.  I met them in the summer of 2012 when they both came out to the big island of Hawaii where my clinic is located and learned the Kiso Method after studying the manuals before arriving.  They stayed one week to be certified.  I was totally impressed with the depth of their knowledge about the Kiso Method and chiropractic adjusting in general.  Dr. Kai has written a beautiful book about chiropractic adjusting in German.  It is set to come out in January 2014 in English.  Dr. Kai and Dr. Stephanie are our Kiso Method Teachers in Europe.  If you want to learn more about the Kiso Method and want to learn this valuable art and live in Germany, please contact them.  They are both so knowledgable about chiropractic and chiropractic adjusting in general.  I will be joining them in Germany next September when I hold a seminar in Germany with Dr. Kai and Dr. Stephanie.  Can’t wait!

Here is info on our Kiso Method Teachers in Europe:

Kai Haselmeyer (HP) and Stephanie Haselmeyer (MD)
Institute for Modern Adjusting Techniques
Arthropraktik, Kiso, Chiropractic and OMT
Grete-Henry-Strasse 7
37085 Goettingen
Email: chiropraktik@gmx.info

kai:stephi pics

Kiso Method Treatment protocol is different….

DSCN0343_2Patients who come into our clinic receive a different treatment protocol compared with almost any other chiropractic office in the world.  How is the treatment protocol different?  First of all, if the patient does not improve after three visits, something has gone awry.  Yes, it’s true.  If you come into a Kiso Method practitioner, we will narrow down why you are in pain and give you the appropriate treatment that should improve your condition if not immediately, within a three treatment span.  If you don’t improve quickly, either I, the doctor should look at something different or take a new approach with manipulation or treatment or the patient is doing something wrong after an adjustment.  It’s absolutely true.  Most of the time, patients don’t know what to do and what not to do between treatments.  The treatment protocol is so different with the Kiso Method that it’s almost 180 degrees away from what’s normally done in a chiropractic office.  As the patient gets better, and it’s usually quickly, the patient is backed off of visits.  I will always see a patient one to two days after the initial visit, for any condition.  The second treatment may be their last if they no longer have pain but I explain that as they improve, their treatments are spaced out more and more.  If I see a patient who is only slightly improving because of a serious condition, I will see them about every other day for a few weeks.  Other patients who get well very quickly are spaced out right away.  The reason I do this is to have them autonomous and not dependent on me, the chiropractor, making them feel better as months go by.  DSCN0334I educate the patients the first two visits on what not to do between visits at their level.  In other words, if they are recovering from a bout of severe disc related pain, I would only recommend wall stretches for awhile until their pain level drops to a 2 or lower.  I educated them on using the Kiso Ball between visits or the Para-Stim between visits depending on their area of pain.  My book, Secrets of Healing Back Pain, is written for the laymen to understand.  It’s easy and simple to follow.  I want my patients to be involved with their healing process.  Many patients change their diets, start on an exercise program or yoga program and many start meditating and opening up to the issue of stress in their lives.  If a patient is at a pain level of 2 after two treatments, I’ll have them come in, in one week instead of seeing them again in two days.  Why? because they are holding their adjustments.  I want them to start exercising and stretching two in order to solidify their improvements.  Yes, the Kiso Method is different.  It empowers the patient.  They love it and they should love it.  It lets them refer their family and friends without the fear of having their loved one be subjected to repeated, never ending chiropractic treatments.

Help for your aching neck…

Our Para-stim has been out now for years. At my clinic, I try and get my patients autonomous ASAP.  In other words, instead of numerous visits and depending on ME to not only fix their neck and keep their neck feeling great, I teach my patients how to keep their necks feeling great.  How?  I teach them the does and don’ts of neck care.  Flexion is the root of all evil and extension is the key to neck pain relief and neck pain in general.  I try and get my patients feeling well in as little as three visits, but they must work too.  They must understand what they need to do in order to keep improving their neck pain.  Here’s were the Para-stim comes into play.  The Para-stim is so named because it increases the para-simpathetic nervous system.  Used at the base of the skull it will increase the feeling of restfulness and allow patients to calm their sympathetic nervous system or their fight or flight system.  Those you have anxiety or the other signs of sympathetic over-ride, unable to take a deep breath, light hurts their eyes, generalized anxiety, nervousness and panic.  But not only does the Para-stim help this particular problem, it also heals neck problems.  Remember, when a neck goes out of place it pinches the nerves exiting the spine in the neck area.  This sets up muscle spasm, decrease range of cervical motion and increased neck pain which sometimes radiates down the arm or into the hands.  The brachial nerve plexus starts about C5 and finishes around T2.  So it starts in your lower neck area and finishes in your upper back.  So if you feel pain in this area and cannot turn your neck or your have shoulder or arm and hand pain, this may be the cause.  The remedy…GET ADJUSTED!  Then use the Para-stim to further help “adjust” your neck in the right direction…from back to front, by laying face up on the Para-stim.


Here’s how you use it: Lay face up on a harder surface.  At first the pressure can be quite strong.  It’s made that way, it’s more useful having a strong pressure exerted by the wooden balls on top the para-stim.  Put the para-stim in one to three locations under your neck, face up.  Use in on the lower part of the neck for either lower neck pain or brachial nerve problems.  Brachial nerve problems are going to manifest as radiating arm pain either into the shoulder or upper are and into the hands and finger.  This area anatomically is from C5 to T2.  You might have lower neck pain or even upper back pain accompanied with some type of arm or pains in the hands.  You can use the para-stim in the mid neck if your neck has a decreased cervical curve.  This happens in time through putting your head down too much like texting or reading in bed while using too many pillows that put your neck into flexion.  Remember, flexion is the root of all evil when it comes to spinal pain.  So if you’ve been told by your chiropractor that you have a reverse cervical curve, you probably have neck pain all the time.  This is one of the symptoms of a reverse cervical curve.  The remedy? You need to train your neck by putting your neck into extension.  Extension is the healer in the spine.  Instead of getting a million adjustments from your chiropractor, you can use the para-stim daily to train your neck to have more extension.  You will fell better every day and need fewer chiropractic treatments.  Now using the para-stim in the upper neck, just under the skull is what the para-stim was named for.  It increases the parasympathetic nervous system.  The old fight or flight system in our bodies runs amock sometimes and using the para-stim for about 6 minutes a day can help stimulate the para-sympathetic nervous system to some out more.  This makes the sympathetic nervous system sit back more making your more relaxed and to experience less anxiety.  So use the para-stim every day if you like.  Use it for a maximum of 12 minutes per time.  If you use it in two areas, only use it for 6 minutes per area for a total of 12 minutes.  If you use it in three areas, use it for four minutes in each area for a total of 12 minutes.  In other words, us it up to 6 minutes in one area at a time, but do not exceed 12 minutes in total time per usage.  Try and use it only once a day.  For acute problems for several days, you can use it twice a day going back to once a day once you start feeling better.  It’s truly amazing what this device can do.  Watch below for pictures of using it in different areas.

IMG_3858Use the Para-stim with the label going down the spine.IMG_3859Lower neck about C5-6

DSCN0354Use the Para-stim on a harder surface, if the surface is too soft, it won’t be stable.  Enjoy the healing!

Eat for Sex Diet….something new in the world of sex!


Eat for Sex Diet…Here is some info on my new books chapter on Supplementation

Why a book on eating and sex?  Glad you asked…It’s because people wonder, people wonder about anything to do with sex.  Did you know that nothing ruins your sex life more permanently than food.  More than this, hormones…hormones do down as we get older, why use supplements to increase your hormones?  Because it works.  It works and it’s safe.  Listen to what I have to say about supplements…

We are going to explore the vitamin, mineral and herbal world of hormone enhancement naturally!  We’ll start off with other than herbal remedies for sexual function first.  Now remember, what is a remedy for sexual function is also a remedy for vitality in your daily life.  If you are a person who works hard at the office everyday…making your sex drive and your ability to have sex better functioning is going to enhance your work also.  If you are a runner or a bicyclist, taking herbs and supplements that make your hormones function better will only make you feel better when you work out.  If you are a natural body builder or body sculptor, taking supplements to enhance you declining natural hormones will increase your results three times.  Even if you are an intellectual or bookworm, taking some of the herbal remedies listed below can turn your world inside out…in a good way.  Finally, if you just want more vitality to enjoy your life, taking the supplements suggested can make you a new women or a new man. Here we go, let’s see what nature has in store for us…