Kiso Method by Dr. Zion Cain D.C.
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The Kiso Method is not only an adjusting technique, it's a way of looking at the whole body. It's a healing technique that has grown out of clinical observation. It answers WHY you see certain phenomenon with patients. It not only explains new concepts in chiropractic care but HOW to correct these phenomenon in your treatment with your patient. The Cainzian factor, the primary and secondary soft spot....these concepts help explain chiropractic in a new light. The Kiso Method will change the way you see your patients. The Kiso Method in technique, is a mixture of force and non force techniques. The non chiropractic manuals are completely non force methods of Kiso. Dr. Cain currently lives in Gottingen Germany but will soon be coming back to the USA to practice. He is a professor at the Chiropraktik Campus ( Hamburg Germany. The only Chiropractic University in Germany. He teaches chiropractic adjusting and the Kiso Method.


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January 2015…The Kiso Method was incorporated into the Master’s degree program centered in Hamburg Germany.  (In Europe, the chiropractic degree is a Master’s degree, not a Doctorate degree that we have in America). But 2016 I’ll be giving two seminars, Kiso 1 and Kiso 2 and it’s open to all practitioners in Europe. I will be giving seminars April 30 and May 1st, 2016, Kiso one. June 11 and 12th, 2016, Kiso two in Hamburg at the Chiropraktik Campus. Check out the website for the Chiropractic University in Germany at:

Dr. Cain gave a three day seminar in Goettingen Germany. German chiropractors and Osteopaths were so excited about learning the Kiso method. The participants were delighted and fascinated by the effectiveness of the Kiso-Methods techniques and its holistic protocols. Why the interest? The Kiso Method works.  Through many years of clinical experience, the Kiso Method was born.  New concepts in chiropractic science.  The Kiso Method makes sense and it’s something YOU can learn today.  

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Learning the Kiso Method takes time.  To become expert requires you to not only read and understand the manuals but to study our DVDs and to take a seminar with a certified Kiso Teacher.  If you don’t have the time to take a seminar, learning through our books and DVDs is possible. We have Kiso Europe now!  Kai Haselmeyer H.P. and Stephanie Halelmeyer M.D. They are our Kiso Teachers in Europe.  I will be in Hamburg Germany giving two seminars over two weekends in 2016. See the events page for more information! Visit our website in Germany at:

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The Kiso Method has more…We have props for your patients to use that not only help you get them well faster, it makes the patient an active participant in their healing process.  Patients begin to see that regular adjustments are necessary to keep them feeling great. Using the Kiso Ball for the lower back and thoracic spine and the Para-Stim for the cervical spine and cranium lets them see faster results.



Awakening Healing Center has moved. Our new office and phone number!  Dr. Cain is now located at 64 Keawe Street downtown Hilo.  This is the Kaikodo building.  We are on the second floor at space 207.  The Awakening Hilo Massage is now a separate business at space 202 also in the Kaikodo building.  For Dr. Cain call 961-6887.  For Awakening Hilo Massage call the old number at 961-6888.

Dr. Cain’s prices: First Visit is $55 plus tax, each subsequent visit is $45 dollars plus tax.  We also have a discounted 5 visit coupon and a special price for those who have medicare and quest.

Dr. Cain is a world renowned chiropractor and the inventor of the Kiso Ball, Para-stim and the Kiso Bench.  He is the founder of the Kiso Method a method of chiropractic known in more than 20 countries. He is also the author of 7 books ranging from healing to diet!

showing how the Kiso Method works

Showing how the Kiso Method works


Teaching in Germany Sept. 2014

Teaching in Germany Sept. 2014

11537711_916078745105366_3496213778435919030_nKiso Method Seminar with Dr. Cain Hamburg Germany 2015

IMG_8401Kiso Method Seminar Hamburg Germany 2016.

IMG_1020  The Kiso Method is part of the educational systems in Austria and Germany for chiropractic education. Dr. Cain is now a professor at the Chiropraktik-Campus University in Hamburg Germany

Our phone number is: 808 961-6888 

We offer Chiropractic, massage therapy and energy healing!

With Dr. Craig Zion Cain the founder of the Kiso Method. Dr. Cain can either use force adjustments, non force adjustments, or a combination that works best for you.  For Chiropractic services, you get a chiropractic manipulation with Dr. Cain, cost is $48 for a new patient and $45 to $38 there after.  We have coupons to make it even less expensive. We have special prices for certain programs.

A typical treatment: Dr. Cain does a light loosening of the muscles before the adjustment. He can adjust the neck, which helps related problems like stiff neck muscles, TMJ problems, headaches and arm pains. He can adjust the upper back for shoulder stiffness, radiating arm pains and painful ribs. He can adjust the low back with related problems like, sciatica or pain radiating down the legs. This pain often feels hot or burning with weakness or a feeling of pins and needles in various places. Dr. Cain also adjusts wrists, ankles, shoulders and knees. Dr. Cain is also skilled at adjusting animals, Dogs and horses need chiropractors too! 

We also offer Injury/Accident care.  If you’ve had an auto accident or work injury, we can help! We don’t have to have a Medical Doctor referral.

Our massage center: Awakening Massage Hilo

We also have our SPECIAL, get a one hour massage and chiropractic treatment with therapy.  New patients: $95. Existing patients: $85.  It’s a great offer for your stress health!

Enjoy a wonderful massage for yourself

Meet our massage therapists!

All are massages are available in the following time frames, 20, 30, 60 and 90 minutes. Massage is available Monday through Saturday from 9:30 to 5:30. Thai massage is a minimum of 90 minutes.  We have selected the very best of the best working here at Awakening Healing Center.  All of our massage therapists are able to go deep, and are able to do various massage styles.  As you will see below, some of our massage therapists have other special qualities.

Here are the massage therapists.


healing team_sunisaSunisa Kaplan specializes in very Deep Tissue Massage, with an intuitive focus honed by disciplined schooling in Traditional Thai Massage in her native Thailand. Attention is always paid to your areas of complaint, followed by a balancing full body treatment. Whether you opt for a Traditional Thai Massage (clothed, incorporates stretching &pressure point work. 90-minute sessions only) or just need a therapeutic unwinding, Sunisa is widely known for her uncanny ability to ” find it and fix it.”  She also is available for Reflexology (foot specific pressure point treatment and addresses full body organ systems).


IMG_5043Kevin Tsunoda approaches bodywork from being “someone who could use a massage,” and finally getting one.  The release of decades-long nagging pain and chronic tension slowly melting away from the touch of a skilled practitioner ultimately led to an intense curiosity about massage and its universal appeal as a simple, yet highly effective way of healing.  He is trained in Swedish, Lomilomi, Kiso Method, Sports Massage, and Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.  Kevin invites you to explore and expand self-awareness, and release the “issues in your tissues.”


IMG_8649 Big Island born-and-raised, Bria Lani Callaway offers a unique massage experience with a warm (very warm!) energetic touch with an intuitive sensibility. She sees every person as an original client with different needs on different days. Her skill set includes Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, Swedish backed by training in energy healing and chakra balancing. Experience Bria’s ability to connect you to the natural energy she believes flows through all things.


healing team_rio“Rio” Norio Narui began practicing bodywork over 25 years ago with OSHO Rebalancing. This along with his 15 years working for high-end resort spas gives him an almost supernatural awareness of physical restrictions and energy blockages. Rio defines deep and intuitively guidedTherapeutic Massage treatments. Rio also practices Energy Work, which can be incorporated into your massage treatment, or as a treatment all its own.


Massage Rates

Service/Product Rate
Massage $30.00 / 30 minutes
Massage $55.00 / 60 minutes
Massage $80.00 / 90 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage $55.00 / 60 minutes
Aromatherapy $55.00 / 60 minutes
Lomilomi Massage $55.00 / 60 minutes
Thai Massage $80.00 / 90 minutes
Energy Work $55.00 / 60 minutes
Reflexology $30.00 / 30 minutes

Our office is located 300 yards from the ocean! We are at 64 Keawe St. in beautiful downtown Hilo. Known for its wonderful people, aloha spirit, and healing powers; it’s truly a gem of the south pacific. We are in a down town location, easy to get to! Our office is designed to take you into another space. It’s serene and quiet with soft music to put you into that parasympathetic state which allows your mind and body to receive the best treatment possible.


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