Kiso Method by Dr. Zion Cain D.C.
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The Kiso Method is not only an adjusting technique, it's a way of looking at the whole body. It's a chiropractic technique that has grown out of clinical observation. It answers WHY you see certain phenomenon with patients. It not only explains new concepts in chiropractic care but HOW to correct these phenomenon in your treatment with your patient. The Cainzian factor, the primary and secondary soft spot....these concepts help explain chiropractic in a new light. The Kiso Method will change the way you see your patients. The Kiso Method in technique, is a mixture of force and non force techniques. Dr. Cain currently lives in Gottingen Germany but will soon be coming back to the USA to practice. He is a professor at the Chiropraktik Campus ( Hamburg Germany. The only Chiropractic University in Germany. He teaches chiropractic adjusting and the Kiso Method.


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January 2015…The Kiso Method was incorporated into the Master’s degree programs centered in Hamburg Germany.  (In Europe, the chiropractic degree is a Master’s degree, not a Doctorate degree that we have in America). But 2016 I’ll be giving two seminars, Kiso 1 and Kiso 2 and it’s open to all practitioners in Europe. I will be giving seminars April 30 and May 1st, 2016, Kiso one. June 11 and 12th, 2016, Kiso two in Hamburg at the Chiropraktik Campus. Check out the website for the Chiropractic University in Germany at:

Dr. Cain gave a three day seminar in Goettingen Germany. German chiropractors and Osteopaths were so excited about learning the Kiso method. The participants were delighted and fascinated by the effectiveness of the Kiso-Methods techniques and its holistic protocols. Why the interest? The Kiso Method works.  Through many years of clinical experience, the Kiso Method was born.  New concepts in chiropractic science.  The Kiso Method makes sense and it’s something YOU can learn today.  

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Learning the Kiso Method takes time.  To become expert requires you to not only read and understand the manuals but to study our DVDs and to take a seminar with a certified Kiso Teacher.  If you don’t have the time to take a seminar, learning through our books and DVDs is possible. We have Kiso Europe now!  Kai Haselmeyer H.P. and Stephanie Halelmeyer M.D. They are our Kiso Teachers in Europe.  I will be in Hamburg Germany giving two seminars over two weekends in 2016. See the events page for more information! Visit our website in Germany at:

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The Kiso Method has more…We have props for your patients to use that not only help you get them well faster, it makes the patient an active participant in their healing process.  Patients begin to see that regular adjustments are necessary to keep them feeling great. Using the Kiso Ball for the lower back and thoracic spine and the Para-Stim for the cervical spine and cranium lets them see faster results.


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The Chiropractic Kiso Manuals, essential to learning the concepts of the Kiso Method.

Kiso Method Manuals 1 and 2

The Manuals have all the new concepts in chiropractic technique and clinical practice.  Concepts brand new to the field of chiropractic.  New terms like the Cainzian Factor, where decrease nerve flow causes muscle spasm.  Neuro Associated Muscle Spasm…not a trigger point caused from some external condition, but NAMS are muscles in spasm from neurologic conditions.  Latent Sciatica, felt by the practitioner, but not overtly felt by the patient….many, many new concepts that not only help you become a better chiropractor, but all these concepts can and should be explained to your patients so they fully understand what’s happening to them!  If you are a chiropractor, Doctor of physical therapy, osteopath or an M.D. or an H.P. in Germany, we have manuals just for you.  

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  • “Secrets of Healing Back Pain”
  • Life, Longevity and the Kiso Diet

“The Kiso Method came about over a 25 year period and Dr. Cain saw more than 100,000 treatments to finally invent this healing system. Dr. Cain has 2 manuals for chiropractors.” more info..Everything in this package is essential if you want to work towards being a Kiso Practitioner!*When you order, you can choose if you are a chiropractor in the U.S. or out of the U.S.
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Eat for Sex Diet  for overall health and longevity!$14.95The Eat for Sex Diet~

Dr. Cain's Eat for Sex DietOur newest addition to our website…The Eat for Sex Diet.  I’ve been interested in longevity and lifestyle for many years.  When I wrote the Kiso Diet, I did emphasize longevity and how wrong foods devastates your cardiovascular system, but I did not go into how your hormones change as you get older and what you could do about it.  Here it is, the book that not only tells you how good foods can save your life, but how supplementation and herbs can turn things around as you get older.  You don’t have to be old to read this book, if your 20 it will teach you something…a lot actually.  This book ties in sexual vitality and health.  It all fits together.  If you’re not feeling good, for whatever reason, sex goes out the window.  This book touches on all the possibilities.  I talk about stress, energy, hormones and vitality in general.  Buy it now with free shipping!

Our Kiso Wood Products!

All of our wood products, our Kiso Bench, the Para Stimand our new Kiso Meditation Bench are made inVolcano Hawaii by our wood artist Jeremy Bigalow. He uses beautiful materials and each piece is engineered by him and lacquered for a striking appearance.  These are sold in American and Canada only. Our European model is made in Germany and is precision made.  Also out of wood with beautiful upholstery!     Our Kiso Bench, Patent Pending, has been totally redesigned.  It’s adjustable, comfortable and best of all, it works!  We can ship anywhere in the world.  We have made it not only beautiful with it’s etched Kiso Logo front and center, but it’s strong and light.  We have made it resistant to warpage due to humidity also.  It’s adjustable with 3 different settings to fit all sizes of people.  It is truly a work of art developed and tested by Jeremy and Dr. Cain.
Kiso Bench

IMG_6515IMG_6513European model
Para-StimPara-Stim Price Includes Shipping
Price Includes Shipping

Please see our blog entry under Para-stim to find out more about this wonderful device. It’s used for those experiencing nerve related arm pain or a reversed cervical curve. Those who use this device absolutely love it!  You can take it with you on vacation to keep your neck feeling great!Kiso BlocksOur Kiso Blocks are a great way to help yourself when you have torsion in your hips. It helps to train your hips to stay in proper alignment. To find out more about why and how to use these blocks, please see our blog section of our website and search for Kiso Blocks! These new blocks are etched with the Kiso Logo.  It’s a work of are by our wood guy Jeremy! Price Includes ShippingOutside U.S. $64.00 USD Blocks are not available at this time!  Our new Kiso Meditation Bench!  Fantastic for doing long meditations without hurting your knees or your back.  It allows the spine to have an optimal lordodic curve so you can sit for hours without pain.  Sitting on a cushion is fine, but if you have any knee problems or lower back problems this can hinder your meditation practice.  Our Bench is beautiful and will last the test of time, like all our wood products.  “I’ve been using one for 18 years and I recommend it even if you don’t have knee or back pain!” Dr. Cain.  Our Meditation Bench folds up for easy carrying.    Price includes shipping
Price includes shipping

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“Secrets of Healing Back Pain” by Dr. Zion Cain D.C.secrets_of_healing_back_painSecrets of Healing Back Pain was written by Dr. Cain for those who want to take an active part in the healing of their own back pain. The book starts out explaining how your back functions and what usually causes back pain. Dr. Cain writes about the does and don’ts concerning back pain with an emphasis on what causes back pain. What usually causes all back pain…subluxation or a bone out of place. What usually causes a subluxation? Forward flextion! We also have a chapterx on exercise and another dedicated to stretching. I’m sure you will find it very informative and necessary during the process of healing yourself! It’s on Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon too.You can order it with or without the Kiso Ball! Price Includes Shipping

< Outside U.S. Secrets Book w/Ball $50.00 USD  The DVD setEach DVD shows you how to perform all the methods in our manuals. With these instructional DVDs learning without taking a seminar is more than possible, it’s attainable. Each DVD takes you into the four phases of the Kiso Method. I also talk about the many aspects of the Kiso Method that are unique to this art. Concepts like the holographic spine, the law of compensation, the cervico-cranial system as well as invaluable facts like the Cainzian factor.
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